I Got My Teeth Done in Budapest

I Got My Teeth Done in Budapest

I got my teeth done in Budapest

It’s a long story, because the facts are simple but many. Put YOUR money where your mouth is!

I needed dental work, mainly between 4-6 implant molars and a badly done front tooth to ice the cake. I don’t think many people put dental work on their ‘joy’ list, but the prohibitive cost (insurance provides VERY little in most cases) keeps them away as long as possible.

We visited a few countries for a different reason, and we learned about Medical Tourism, a basically new concept to us. Putting need, finances available, alternatives and research together we decided that there was really no alternative but to get on the plane. But first we engaged in extensive research. First was the concern about UK vs international safety and quality. Fears were soon put to rest.

Searches were done world-wide. Articles read. Results according to professional and personal reports. Financial (dis) advantages, time, safety and emergency options. I think we pretty much covered it all.

I learned that India is #1 globally in expertise, training and resutls – in almost ALL medical fields! Hips, knees, eyes, teeth and…infertility! Next Thailand, and from there a long list. (90% are members of the SAME prestigious medical associations/ certifications we enjoy here. Costa Rica ranks high (as does Turkey) but to Europeans Hungary is the best choice, especially by the UK population.. You can look into training, methods etc etc yourself. Long live internet and (re)search and forming of an opinion that is right for YOU!

We continued to search, and contacted practices in four countries: Costa Rica, Hungary, Poland and Italy, as well as the USA, and many clinics/dental hospitals in Costa Rica and Hungary. It took months. We decided on a choice of one in Costa Rica, and three in Hungary and private contact was sought and went back and forth for some time. We learned a great deal!

Aside from making certification a major issue, and reviews – a BIG consideration, we decided on three clinics in Hungary, impressed with education, research, publications and client’s positive posts. The final choice was Dare-to-Smile Dental.

We took a 17 day long trip.

The first 4-5 days were spent getting rid of the jet-lag and enjoying free, relaxed time. What a country! I also made sure I had enough to eat!

We had a meeting with the 6-persons medical team on Monday, and on Tuesday the implants of 3 molars on the lower right, two molars on the lower left ( a wisdom tooth still has to come out) and a new front cap. All together it took ~3 hours from applying the implant to putting the temp crowns on. The right side hurt, but that was not the implant but an issue with my gum/skin. I walked out and we went for dinner. Two days later the permanent molar caps went on (they have their own lab) and that was it. We stayed around for another week, which allowed me to have some adjustments before I went home. We explored incredible Budapest, loved the food, the people and the high level culture. History, museums, concerts, shopping and certainly international cuisine.

full mouth rehabilitation

All in all, EXCELLENT medical-dental staff, a minimum total of 7 hours of care and procedure. Great, caring people.

I finally chose this particular clinic because they offer the choice of a more conventional implant, or the one-setting Swiss technology implant. (with permanent crowns 2-3 days later, of course. ) Fantastic!

Choice of materials used (we chose the highest level available) as well as processes.

As a bonus they received well-meant ‘hugs’, which I think was rather surprising to them. But that’s who I am.

Thank you so much for making this experience so less stressful and for my amazing new teeth. You are all the best and I highly recommended.



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