New teeth in 5 days with implants in Budapest, Hungary

New teeth in 5 days with implants in Budapest, Hungary

New teeth in 5 days with implants in Budapest, Hungary

full mouth rehabilitation

Healthy self-image, self-confidence and the ability of comfortable biting with new teeth. All this is available at our Clinic in Budapest in only 5 days with the most innovative dental implants. Full mouth rehabilitation is done in 5 days which means extracting teeth, placing dental implants and permanent teeth by the 5th day of the treatment.

Our Swiss immediate load implants are placed after extraction in one sitting therefore you will smile and enjoy eating in 5 days. With our full mouth rehabilitation you save 70% compared to UK dental prices and 98% with the treatment time. You need to stay in Budapest for 5 full working days.

Why choose immediate load implants in Budapest?

  • The success rate is 98,2%

  • The treatment time is 5 days
  • No bone graft or sinus lift is needed
  • Suitable for people who are smoking, have controlled diabetes

  • Applicable for most patients immediately

Are you terrified at having dental work? IV sedation/ general anaesthesia is an option for you if you are afraid of the dentist.

Choose our Full Mouth Rehabilitation to resolve all your dental issues and forget the long, painful procedures and high dental treatment costs!

Steps of creating  a new smile in Budapest

We work out the treatment plan & quote according to the x-ray/ Ct scan.

Initial consultation at the clinic with our implant specialist

Happy, satisfied patient by the 5th day of dental treatment

For more information please contact Viktor who will assist you.


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