Full mouth rehabilitation within 5 days

Full mouth rehabilitation within 5 days

Gain back your confidence in 5 days with full mouth rehabilitation

“The cure for the lack of confidence is the beautiful smile.”

The placement of dental implants is considered a routine procedure nowadays. But before this routine procedure it is essential to treat the compromised teeth and to extract the ones that are unsaveable. The Swiss immediate load implants are designed to place them straight after tooth extraction therefore you will already smile in 5 days. You can save up to 70% compared to Western European prices and 98% of the treatment time which takes only 5 days.

full mouth rehabilitation

When your dental problem is getting bigger, it will be more expensive to fix it. However, the Hungarian dental prices are still 70 % more affordable than the UK ones. Do not wait until a serious problem which may cause other health issues.
At our practise you can receive high quality major dental treatment with one of the most experienced dentist!
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full mouth rehabilitation

The immediate load implants are especially designed to be placed right after the tooth extraction and are suitable to be fixed perfectly in minimal amount of bone. Therefore with these type of dental implants you can get fixed teeth in 5 days. Couple of months waiting time can be avoided compared to the conventional ones.. Patients who choose this innovative implantology method over the conventional ones are happier and have bright, aesthetic smile and gain back the joy of chewing in only 5 days.

All the patients visiting our clinic can have immediate loading implants with lifetime warranty on the implant itself, placed by our dentist who is an expert of immediate loading implantology.

Advantages of the immediate load implants:

  • 98,9 % success rate

  • You will enjoy every single bite after 5 days and you are going to smile confidently

  • People with extensive bone shortage can have fixed teeth with implants in 5 days

  • People who has diabetes, osteoporosis or smokes are illegible for these dental implants

  • No bone graft or sinus lift is involved

  • No long waiting time, new smile in 5 days with dental implants

For further information please do contact Viktor who is happy to assist.

Steps of creating  a new smile in Budapest

We work out the treatment plan & quote according to the x-ray/ Ct scan.

Initial consultation at the clinic with our implant specialist

Happy, satisfied patient by the 5th day of dental treatment


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