Dental implant review from the way I experienced it in Budapest

Dental implant review from the way I experienced it in Budapest

Dental implant review from the way I experienced it in Budapest

I don’t think many people put dental treatments on their ‘joy’ list, but also the prohibitive cost (Insurance company provides VERY little in most cases) keeps them away as long as possible. My husband and I visited Costa Rica to travel, then we learned about Medical Tourism, which was a basically new concept to us.

First, We decided to engaged in extensive researches. Our main concern was about safety and quality between UK vs. different countries. We read many different articles, results according to professional and personal reviews, financial (dis)advantages, time consuming, safety, and emergency options.


I learned that India, Thailand, Costa Rica, and Turkey are countries where are great for dental treatments; however, to Europeans, Hungary is the best choice, especially by the UK and Germany population. We continued to research and contacted different practices in Costa Rica, Poland, Italy, Hungary as well as the UK. The private contacts went back and forth, and it took months. We learned a great deal from these contacts! After while, we decided on three different clinics in Hungary.

Dental implants Hungary reviews

Our final choice was Dare to Smile Dental. I thought the name was pretty funny, therefore, it made me remember longer. We were impressed by education, researches, publications, and other patients’ positive reviews. Putting needs, finances available with all the alternatives and the researches together, we decided that there was really no alternative but to get on the plane.

We took a 10 days trip. The first 2 days enjoying free, relaxed time. What a beautiful city!! On Monday, We had a meeting with 4 people from the medical team, and on Tuesday, the dentist (Dr. Laszlo) placed 3 implants on the lower right molar area and 2 implants on the lower left molar area with temporary crowns. This procedure took about 2 hours. Two days later, the permanent molar crowns were placed on the implants (they have their own lab) and that was it!

We stayed for longer, which allowed me to have some adjustments before I went back home. We explored incredible Budapest, loved the food, museums, concerts, the people, and the high level culture. The transportation (free over age 65 for EU passport holders, and 50% off for all others) was incredible.

The ticket: £3900 for ALL medical care (In the UK, a implant usually costs about £1800 – £2500 each – look it up!) Including all else: approx. £4500 (flights, hotel, food) And excellent care is priceless. It was one of our main issues, more than the money.
They accept credit cards, Euros, Dollars, Pounds, Hungarian Forint. I’m returning in 3-4 months for check-up and adjustment, and I am really looking forward to it, including the wisdom tooth. Because I trust them! Afraid to travel? I’ll take you!

With great respect to Dr. Laszlo, Viktor, Maria, Kat and Sarah!!!

Mrs. M. M.


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