Dental Implants Hungary

in 5 days

Dental Implants Hungary

in 5 days at the most innovative clinic in Budapest, Hungary

Dental implants abroad?

Save up to 70% compared to UK dental prices in Budapest.

Our aim is to offer patients the opportunity to experience the expertise and preferential prices of our dental clinic in Budapest, Hungary. We will ensure that you receive the highest standard of quality dental treatment resulting in your perfect smile.

Our dental treatments in Budapest

We believe and promote fast, painless dental treatment in Budapest, Hungary, with an outstanding guarantee on all professional dental treatments undertaken.

Dental Implants in Budapest, Hungary

Dental implants or artificial tooth roots are screws made of titanium alloy that are inserted by the doctor into the jaw bone to the place of teeth lost or removed. After the insertion of the implant the crown or the bridge are fixed onto the dental implant.

Immediate load dental implants of IHDE Dental meet the requirements of the highest international quality expectations and have certificates that guarantee the safe use of IHDE immediate load dental implants in any countries.

Advantages of immediate load implants

Innovations of IHDE Dental Immediate load implants, protected by multiple international patents, decrease the treatment period of implantation from years to only a few days.

There is no need for bone grafts or for the use of artificial bone replacements inserted surgically. This significantly decreases the price of the intervention.

Prosthesis fixed on IHDE Dental Implants provides total loadability and perfect chewing function immediately.

We prefer not to perform all-on-4 treatment. We place at least 8-10 dental implants per arch for better stability.

Dental implant procedure

Fixed teeth in 5 days with our innovative dental implant system

Our Team

At our state-of -the-art dental clinic Budapest you meet our friendly, professional team who ensure you receive the highest quality dental treatment, resulting in your perfect smile.

Dr. Koronczay, László
Dr. Koronczay, LászlóMaster of Implantology, IF teacher
Li, Charlotte
Li, CharlotteDental hygienist
Schlegel, Nóra
Schlegel, NóraDental hygienist
Csabuda, Mária
Csabuda, MáriaDental hygienist, English speaking coordinator
Bánfi, Viktor
Bánfi, ViktorLiaison manager

Meet Viktor – who takes great care of you

My motto is “In another way than others”. My mission is to provide the best dental services and care in Budapest, Hungary. All our patients are satisfied with our excellent work, harmony and elegance of our Budapest dental clinic. My goal is to propose the ideal dental treatment and take the best care of you. One can contact me with all kinds of queries. I am always happy to assist.

My star qualities according to our patients

Patience 99
Helpfulness 100
Communication skills 99
Knowledge of patient’s needs 100

About us

We are constantly looking for innovative solutions to deliver the very best in dental care in Budapest, Hungary to our patients. We can offer you the most advanced equipment in this field of dentistry. We are proud of our strong customer service ethos and believe passionately that our patients should not be exposed to long waiting periods.

Price list

Save up to 70% compared to UK dental prices

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Requested treatments
Full arch restoration (upper or lower arch)1 implant or a few implantsPorcelain crown or bridgeZirconium (metal free) crown, bridge

Under General Anaesthesia – for full arch restoration suggestedWithout General Anaesthesia

Price in EuroPrice in British Pounds

Full arch restoration (upper or lower arch)

  • Fixed package price which includes extraction, 10-12 implants, bridge (permanent teeth), local anaesthetics and medications

1 implant (IHDE Immediate Load Dental Implant)

  • Price includes tooth extraction, an implant and local anaesthetics

Porcelain crown, bridge unit

  • Metal fused porcelain definitive crown or bridge unit

Zirconium, metal free crown, bridge unit

  • A perfect material, it can be used in case of metal allergy.


See what our patients told us

“I like my new smile.
I needed implants and a denture. They explained to me every option I could have and the benefits and disadvantages of all options. All the work was done within 5 days as they had said. They did a really good job and I like my new smile. I can only recommend them to everyone.”


“For the first time in my life I look forward to a visit to the Dentist.
Because of my bad teeth I needed a full restoration with crowns on the bottom and implants on top. Also I had two broken roots and needed some teeth to come out. Would advise all my friends to contact Viktor. The value was very good.”


“From beginning to end I was thoroughly impressed and delighted with the service and outcome. In fact, I can’t remember coming across better customer service at home or abroad. The staff at the clinic were clear about the procedures and welcoming; the treatment itself was done in good time and without any issue; and within a couple of days I couldn’t feel the effects of the surgery at all. 10/10.”


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